Advantages of PUF Panel Partitions

  • 14 March , 2022
  • By: Usha

Since the late 1990s, sandwich panels have helped revolutionize the construction industry in India. Sandwich panels also known as PUF panels contain a rigid core sandwiched between two metal sheets, and have dual uses - partitioning and thermal insulation. These panels can be applied at many places, including cold storage, shelters, ripening chambers, office cabins, control rooms, clean rooms, insulated sheds, wall cladding, and more. Because of the numerous benefits, PUF panels are becoming increasingly popular as an efficient and cost-friendly partition solution and construction material.



Here are the advantages of PUF Panel Partitions.

Lower Cost & Quick Turnaround

Construction working time is a crucial element for the optimization of construction costs. PUF panels are lightweight, making them easy to lift, and this allows installation in a shorter amount of time than traditional framing, resulting in a quicker turnaround. Construction services will be less expensive, and the structure will be completed more quickly.

Thermal Capacity & Energy Saving

PUF panels contain a polyurethane foam layer that acts as an insulator between the metal. Using these panels, you can achieve a better indoor climate as it will keep your space cool in summer and warm in winter. Because of its low thermal conductivity, PUF Panels can help you save up to 50% of energy annually.

Strong & Durable

PUF panels last a lifetime due to their superior strength. As a result, it can withstand extreme weather conditions and is also anticorrosive. The panels are solid and durable and won't need replacing anytime soon.

Easy Installation

Easy and fast to install, PUF panels are an excellent choice for partitions, roofs, exterior walls, foundations, commercial spaces, industrial buildings, warehouses, storage units, shelters, cubicles, food processing units, dairy storage units, etc. Partitions built from PUF panels can be installed, removed, and reinstalled very easily & quickly.

Low Maintenance

PUF panels are essentially maintenance-free due to their resistance to corrosion, termites, physical impact, and fungus. PUF panels will help you save on maintenance costs.

In addition to the many advantages listed above, PUF panel partitions are visually appealing and available in a variety of designs and colors.

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