Air curtain in Showrooms

Air curtain or Air door is a very effective device for controlling airflow across an opening in a wall. They provide multiple benefits and are highly used in showrooms to increase the visibility of products and enhance comfort & hygiene.

An Air curtain gives your showroom the luxury to keep the entrance door open while efficiently maintaining the desired temperature inside the premises. Even when the door is kept open, you need not worry about the AC air going out or hot air flowing in from outside; your business area will maintain the perfect temperature. Another bonus is that your customers will find open doors more accessible, welcoming, and convenient to shop.

Installing an air curtain at the entrance / main door of a showroom also prevents contaminants from entering the premises and keeps the temperature in check throughout the different seasons of the year by keeping cool air inside during summer and warm air during the winters.

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Showrooms are located in the heart of an area, where dust and pollution are hard to avoid. With an air curtain installed at the entrance door, this is an easy job even if the showroom stands on the busiest roads!

Air curtains are a very friendly device as they also help you save costs by reducing air conditioning power consumption.

It could be a small or a big showroom entrance; Cosyst Aircon air curtain comes in various sizes to give your doors the perfect fit. Our air curtains are technologically advanced and come with a disinfection and purification system that will help you keep your showroom safe and bacteria-free.

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