Clear PVC Strip Curtains are used to separate areas while providing easy access points for vehicles. It also protects body shop workers and equipment from dust and debris and prevents cross-contamination. In auto body shops, chemical cleaning solutions, pressurized water sprays, and other substances are used to ensure service quality, and using a clear strip curtain is the best way to keep these chemical solutions in one area and avoid spreading to other areas.

Air curtain for supermarkets

Air curtains offer many significant advantages for supermarkets. Installing an Air Door or Air Curtain for your entrance or main door requires little investment and can pay for itself in a short time while aiding supermarkets to attract and retain more customers.

An Aircurtain draws air from the building and discharges it through the nozzles over a doorway. It establishes an invisible air wall, thereby creating two separate environments without closing the entrance door. Allowing the entrance to be left open even during extreme weather conditions can aid facilities in multiple ways.

By installing an Air curtain, the entrance door of supermarkets can be left open during business hours without having to worry about the temperature as an air door controls the indoor temperature. A Supermarket becomes more accessible for shoppers and, in the event of fire and emergencies, open doors provide escape routes. It also helps in curbing heating and cooling costs which otherwise would be enormous for any business.

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Food and grocery items attract pests making supermarkets an easy target for contaminants. Air Curtains block smoke, fumes, and flying insects. Having an air curtain allows facilities to store food items without having to worry about hygiene. It also enhances the comfort, health, safety of the facility and adds to the shopping experience.

Shoppers waiting in line at the checkout will be happy and comfortable. By preventing potential contaminants and pollutants from entering the building, all areas such as loading docks, stock rooms, and other areas will remain clean and hygienic. Thereby, helping a supermarket in reducing operational costs while supporting the store experience and maintaining quality.

Cosyst Air curtains are highly advanced devices. They come with a disinfection and purification system providing an edge for your business to maintain cleanliness and hygiene effortlessly. Our superior quality Air Curtains increases customer comfort, improves health conditions, saves energy, and will also help in increasing sales.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Air Curtains across India.

Why choose us?

  • Advanced Technology
  • Energy saving
  • High quality
  • 1 year warranty
  • AMC Available on demand
  • Expert Project manager for end to end process handling
  • After sales support
  • Multi-color options
  • Best price

Technical Specification:

  • 85% Insect & Dust rejection
  • RPM: 1440 max/ 1400 min
  • Max. Air velocity at Nozzle 22 m/s
  • Material: CRCA/Stainless Steel
  • Reduce level 75 DB

Doorstep product delivery available.

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