Hotels and restaurants

Air Curtain in Hotels and Restaurants

The entrance is the most used doorway in any hotel or restaurant. With guests coming and going round the clock, it is a tedious task to maintain a comfortable environment inside the building. The hospitality industry is a very demanding business; many businesses fail within the first few years. Most cases are due to customer discomfort and dissatisfaction. Hence, the key lies in making your guests and customers feel comfortable & happy during their stay.

Aircon Air Curtains are just what you need for these places. There are many benefits Hotels and Restaurants can gain by simply installing an Air Curtain.

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  • Air Curtains are very effective in controlling temperature and creating a comfortable environment. When the entrance door is left open, an aircurtain builds an invisible door that wards off the flow of external air and controls the outflow of indoor air. Apart from creating a comfortable environment, this feature in an air curtain can help save energy to a sizable amount by reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • An Air Door blocks pollutants and flying insects from entering the building. It helps Hotels and Restaurants enhance food sanitation and also maintain better hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Working in the kitchen and service areas of hotels and restaurants is a challenging job. However, with an air curtain installed at the right place, these places can turn into cheerful workspaces. Staff and employees will appreciate the conducive work environment; a happy employee is equivalent to higher productivity.
  • Cooking and food preparation areas require extra cleanliness and these places usually operate at different temperature levels. An air curtain will help create a cleaner cooking environment and also ensure that the temperature is just right for the workplace.
  • Open doors give out a more welcoming feeling to guests. Moreover, this gesture will highly improve the inflow of traffic into your place.

Keeping guests and customers happy is highly essential for any business especially, the hospitality industry. That is why it is highly recommended for Hotels and Restaurants to take advantage of this magical device.

Aircon Air Curtains come in various sizes and models to suit your business requirement. Our Air Doors are a step ahead of the competition with inbuilt disinfection and purification system; designed to enable businesses to function more safely, which is the need of the hour.

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