Clear PVC Strip Curtains are used to separate areas while providing easy access points for vehicles. It also protects body shop workers and equipment from dust and debris and prevents cross-contamination. In auto body shops, chemical cleaning solutions, pressurized water sprays, and other substances are used to ensure service quality, and using a clear strip curtain is the best way to keep these chemical solutions in one area and avoid spreading to other areas.

Air Curtain in Pharmaceutical Industry

An Air Curtain is used for separating two spaces and is usually used in an open doorway or as a defence behind a closed door. It is an indispensable device and has high utility in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Cosyst is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality air curtains across India. Aircon Air Curtains are designed for multi-industrial applications and come with numerous benefits. It is one of the best air curtains available in the market today and tops in all parameters such as air velocity, low power consumption, noise level, disinfection, purification, etc.

The use of Air Curtains in pharmaceutical companies can have many advantages. Pharmaceutical storage areas require proper temperature and humidity levels; without the help of air curtains, this could be a challenging task. Installing an air curtain will ensure that the required temperature is in place as the primary role of an aircurtain is to build an invisible wall that keeps off the flow of external air and controls the outflow of indoor air.

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An air curtain also protects the place from pollutants, dust, dirt, smoke, insects, and debris. Cleanliness is highly essential in the pharmaceutical industry as any contamination can affect the quality of medicinal products. Hence Air Doors can help pharmaceutical companies bring in the required levels of cleanliness and sanitation practices.

Air curtains or Air doors can also help save energy by reducing heating and cooling costs. Aircon Air Curtains are high-performance devices and can help reduce energy consumption by up to 70%. 

Aircon aircurtains have an inbuilt disinfection and purification system. Considering the on-going pandemic, this should be an essential feature to keep in mind while purchasing an Air Curtain. It will help to deactivate viruses, kill bacteria, and neutralize space’s air-borne Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), allergens & other contaminants like mould.

Our Air Doors are known for their high durability, productivity and are an asset for any industry. 

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