Importance of Aisle Containment and PVC Strip Curtains
Posted by Admin  Date 15/11/2017

Aisle Containment Bangalore works as a physical obstacle for sorting out the cold air aisles from the hot aisles. Therefore, it supplies cool air where it required most. Mostly server equipments draw cold air and release it on to the top...

Aisle Containment Technique
Posted by Admin  Date 11/11/2016

Basically Aisle Containment is a cost effective method to have a smooth running data centre. Data centre is one place where the number of systems is high and close to each other and working in tandem...

Advantages of installing PVC Strip Curtains
Posted byAdmin  Date 11/11/2016

Cosyst Devices is a leading company in manufacturing pvc curtains, pvc rolls, sheets. We have manufactured and installed pvc curtains in many industries in the country. PVC curtains are very useful in industries, factories, hotels. restaurants, schools, gyms, movie theatres...

The Best Solution for traffic in Large Industries – PVC Strip Curtains
Posted by Admin  Date 11/11/2016

Industries contain large machinery that are used for various purposes and the movement of people within the building will always be high. In an effort to keep the traffic within the building moving, one has to find ways to replace the traditional doors to ones which will aid the free flow...

A few compelling thoughts on Air Curtains and their uses.
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Air curtains help reduce loss of hot or cold air and also aids in saving energy. Cosyst Devices manufactures one of the finest Air Curtain devices in the market today with specially designed housing to provide you with extra protection...

Plenty to know about PVC Strip Curtains and its uses.
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PVC Strip Curtains are an excellent thermal barrier while keeping the exchange of air to the bare minimum...

All You Need to know About “Insect Killers or Fly Catcher”
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Insect Killers were developed in the early part of the 21st century to avoid flies and insects. Often these days we find restaurants, hospitals, airports...

Use of Automatic Door Systems to control the traffic flow.
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Cosyst Devices with GEZE are the leading experts and providers of excellent Automatic Door System. Ideally, they are used in residential raises...

An overview on the uses of PVC Strip Curtains in Industries.
Posted byAdmin  Date 11/11/2016

The PVC strip curtains manufactured by Cosyst Devices prevent air pollution and are made in such a way that they can be easily installed in any place it is needed..

Uses of Air Curtains
Posted byAdmin  Date 11/11/2016

Air curtains are generally installed above door as a separator between two different areas and to maintain ambient room temperature...

Advantage of Aisle Containment Technique
Posted byAdmin  Date 11/11/2016

Research indicates that approximately 70% of the cool air provided to the information facilities is lost because it bypasses the components and profits straight to the hot air consumption..