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Flexiclear PVC Strip Curtains

Welcome to Cosyst Devices, your trusted source for high-quality Flexiclear PVC Strip Curtains in India. Our PVC Strip Curtains are designed to enhance your workspace by offering protection against noise, pollutants, temperature imbalances, and more. If you're seeking the highest quality PVC Strip Curtain, we provide home and workplace solutions.

If you're in search of Superior quality PVC Strip Curtains in Bangalore and Mumbai, reach out to us for a wide selection of options, including Double Ribbed, Transparent Clear Blue, Freezer Clear Blue, Plastic Strips, High-Speed Door Curtains, and Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains. Our extensive range of high-performance PVC Strip Curtains is designed to maintain cleanliness, dust-free environments, hygiene, and temperature control in your workspace.

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Industrial Flexiclear PVC Strip Curtains

Flexiclear PVC Strip curtains are essentially overlapping strips of PVC Curtains that act as a wall to shield your work area. They protect against noise, pollutants, temperature imbalances, and more. These industrial PVC curtains are highly flexible, durable, and energy-efficient. Here's why you should consider using Flexiclear PVC Strip Curtains:

FlexiClear PVC Strip Curtain Rolls
FlexiClear PVC Strip Curtain Double Ribbed Rolls
Fire Retardant Red FlexiClear PVC Strip Curtain Rolls

Materials Used to Make Flexiclear PVC Strips

Our PVC Strip Curtains are constructed using flexible PVC, known for its thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The transparency of PVC offers a clear view through the curtains, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications, such as airports, the automobile industry, and the food processing industry.

Utility and Applications of Flexiclear PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains can be customized for your needs, whether for a single doorway or a large opening. These curtains have found limitless applications in hotels, factories, and various commercial settings. They can be used as windows, vehicle doors, and partition walls in hotels, pharmaceuticals, jewelry shops, and more.

Advantages of Flexiclear PVC Curtains

Using PVC Strip Curtains has several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and energy efficiency. These curtains are easy to clean, cold-resistant, and capable of preserving temperature, making them ideal for a wide range of commercial organizations and settings where temperature preservation is crucial.

Why Use Flexiclear PVC Strips?

Flexiclear PVC is the only suitable material for strip curtains, known for its strong thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It's easy to clean, transparent, and environmentally friendly. It offers safety, economic benefits, and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for PVC strip curtains, whether you're in Bangalore or Mumbai.


  • Supple and flexible.
  • Transparent and energy-efficient
  • They are not toxic to the environment and humans, making them ideal for the food processing industry.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Recyclable.


  • It can bear temperatures as low as -30°C, perfect for cold storage.
  • UV and IR filters make them an excellent choice for outdoor industrial curtains.
  • Anti-static is a valuable property for settings like the automobile industry.
  • Fire-resistant adds an extra safety layer, ideal for kitchens and engineering.
  • Anti-insects keep unwanted pests out, making them great for sweet shops.
  • High UV Resistance for durability, suitable for kitchens and jewelry shops.

Product Range

Fixed Strip Curtains

  • Easy to fix.
  • Varities of PVC can be used.
  • 2mm and 3mm
  • Clear- Transparency, Dust prevention, partition etc.
  • Amber- Transparency, Anti insect, Dust prevention, partition etc.
  • Welding green-Industrial Application.
  • Ribbed- To resist more wear and tear.
  • Polar- Negative and positive grade, freezer, chiller.
  • Opaque- Toilets, bathrooms, electrical panels, partition etc.
  • Color Combination- Astatic.

Sliding Strip Curtains

  • Easy movement of the forklift
  • Shifting of materials through trolleys


  • Aluminum Channel
  • MS Powder coated fixture
  • SS fixture

Technical details

  • Food Grade Certificate.
  • Flameproof
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Frequently Asked Questions about Flexiclear PVC Strip Curtains

?What is a FlexiClear PVC Strip Curtain?

FlexiClear PVC Strip curtains are composed of overlapping strips of PVC that function as a partition to protect your workspace, effectively blocking out insects, noise, and pollutants.

?Do PVC Strip Curtains go by any other names?

PVC Strip Curtains are also called PVC Strip Doors, PVC Door Curtains, or Plastic Strip Curtains.

? What is the purpose of PVC Strip curtains?

The primary purpose of PVC Strip curtains is to create a barrier that provides insulation against external factors such as temperature fluctuations, noise, dust, and insects.

?Where can you install the PVC Strip curtains?

Our products are versatile and suitable for installation in various environments, including industrial settings, commercial spaces, warehouses, food processing units, and more.

?What type of PVC Strip curtain should you install?

The choice of PVC Strip curtain depends on your specific needs and the environment. Options include vinyl strip curtains, heavy-duty plastic curtains, flexible PVC strip curtains, and more.

? What effect do PVC Strip curtains have on temperature?

PVC Strip curtains are effective at maintaining temperature, preventing heat or cold loss, and conserving energy by creating a thermal barrier.

? How effective are strip curtains in preventing air loss?

PVC Strip curtains are highly effective in preventing air loss, making them an energy-efficient solution for temperature control.

? Will installing PVC Strip Curtains help maintain better hygiene and cleanliness?

Yes, PVC Strip Curtains contribute to better hygiene and cleanliness by acting as a barrier against dust, pollutants, and insects, thus improving overall cleanliness.

? Can you install PVC Strip curtains in residences?

While PVC Strip Curtains are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, they can also be installed in residences for specific applications such as separating rooms or conserving energy.

?Is it safe to use FlexiClear PVC Strip curtains?

Our PVC Strip curtains are safe to use, meeting all necessary safety standards.

?Is the Strip Curtain flame/fireproof?

Yes, FlexiClear PVC Strip curtains are flame-retardant, providing an additional layer of safety.

? Is it necessary to keep a gap between the floor and the FlexiClear PVC Strip curtain?

Maintaining a small gap between the floor and the PVC Strip curtain allows easy movement and prevents wear and tear.

?If the strips are damaged, what should you do?

In the event of damaged strips, individual strips can be replaced without the need to replace the entire curtain, making maintenance cost-effective and convenient.

? How do I choose the right PVC Strip Curtain for my application?

Selecting the appropriate PVC Strip Curtain depends on the environment, temperature requirements, and specific needs. We can guide you to help you make the best choice.

? Can PVC Strip Curtains be used in freezer and cold storage facilities?

Yes, PVC Strip Curtains are often used in freezer and cold storage applications to maintain temperature and prevent cold air loss, making them an excellent choice for these environments.

?Are PVC Strip Curtains resistant to chemicals and oils?

PVC Strip Curtains are designed to resist a wide range of chemicals and oils, making them suitable for use in environments with these substances.

?How do I clean and maintain PVC Strip Curtains for optimal performance?

To clean PVC Strip Curtains, wipe them with a mild detergent and water solution. Regular maintenance includes checking for damage and replacing damaged strips as needed.

?Can Flexiclear PVC Curtains be used for noise reduction in a loud manufacturing environment?

Yes, Flexiclear PVC Curtains can effectively reduce noise levels in manufacturing settings, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment.