Advantages of Gypsum board partitions

  • 22 March , 2022
  • By: Ramesh

Partitions & walls made from gypsum board are more economical and durable than other wall types. Also known as drywall, the material is often used in ceiling and partition projects in buildings, both residential and non-residential. Suitable for interior applications, drywall partitions can be finished in various options to fit any need.

These are some of the advantages of using Gypsum board for partitions




Fire Retardant

The chemical composition of gypsum boards contains water, which emits steam slowly when heated. This prevents heat transfer and provides fire resistance for up to four hours during a fire break out.


Compared to traditionally made partitions, Gypsum board as a building material is more economical. It is an excellent choice for residential and commercial partitions due to its low cost. Gypsum board offers both functional and aesthetic benefits and increases the creative potential of architects by enabling them to utilize their ideas within the budget.

Sound Control

Generally, gypsum boards are sound-proof, but there are specialized gypsum boards designed to provide even greater sound-proofing. With its high sound insulation property, Gypsum panels are suitable for areas with an increased need for sound isolation spaces like conference rooms, libraries, classrooms, offices, radio studios, etc.


Gypsum board is a lightweight material and does not require a considerable workforce to lift & handle. As a result, labor costs for installing partitions would be reduced and benefit companies seeking cost-effective partition solutions.

Quick Installation

It is a pre-fab system and makes preparation & installation much faster and requires less time than standard masonry. Using Gypsum board for partitions, projects can be completed more quickly.

As an alternative to traditional partition materials like plywood and hardwood, gypsum boards are fire-resistant, sound-proof, easy to install, cost-efficient, and come in various colors and textures. The versatility of the gypsum board also allows it to meet many architectural requirements.

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