What factors should you consider when purchasing PVC strip curtains for your business

  • 11 April , 2022
  • By: Naveen



It is no secret that PVC strip curtains can be highly beneficial for businesses. Not only do they provide an effective barrier against dust, pests, and other potential contaminants, but they can also help improve energy efficiency by keeping the heat in or out as needed.

Whether it is a cold storage warehouse, auto body shop, factory, office, or an industrial kitchen, PVC strip curtains can help improve your work environment.

There are a few key factors you need to consider before you purchase PVC strip curtains for your business and they are:-

1) The size of your space - Determine the size of the opening or door where you want to install the curtains so you know how many Strip rolls you will need. Generally, one PVC Strip curtain roll is enough to cover a 100 sq. ft. area.

2) Type – There are different types of PVC Strip Curtains available in the market suited for specific purposes. Polar grade strips are best suited for rooms where cold temperature is to be maintained. Strip curtains made of antistatic materials are recommended for areas with high traffic. Welding-grade PVC curtains protect welding areas from sparks and hot metal projectiles, which could otherwise cause severe burns. And, in places where food is stored or packed, you will need to install food-grade PVC strip curtains.

3) Climate – Depending on the climate conditions of the place, you need to make sure the PVC strips can withstand those conditions. Cold strips are made of a clearer material than those intended for warmer climates, as they need to provide better visibility in low-light conditions.

4) Transparency - Another factor to consider is transparency. If you need complete transparency between two areas, then opting for clear PVC strips is your best bet. It is also ideal for facilities where there are frequent movements of heavy machinery.

5) Experience & Reputation of the Seller - Choosing an experienced and reputable seller who can answer your questions about installation or maintenance is also essential.

PVC strip curtains are a great investment for any business looking to improve its operations. It can help you improve your work environment in a number of ways.

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