PVC Strip Curtains for maintaining workplace hygiene

  • 04 June , 2021
  • By: Madhu

Over the last few years, the use of PVC strip curtains in workplaces has increased due to its high efficacy and cost-effective factors. These curtains have a place in every workplace, from factories, warehouses, hospitals, shops, restaurants, retail stores, offices to other commercial buildings. They are beneficial in many ways and it is one of the most hygienic forms of barriers you can opt for.

What makes PVC strip curtains hygienic for workplaces?

Dust Free

PVC strip curtains have a glossy smooth finish and because of this, they can avoid the build-up of dust and make the workplace cleaner and more environmentally friendly for workers.

Pest Free

They are lightweight yet heavy enough to be moved aside by insects. They are constructive in keeping your work area insect-free. Cosyst Anti-insect PVC strip curtains are specifically designed to keep your workplace pest-free.

Clean Air

These transparent plastic curtains prevent smoke from circulating in the work area and thereby reduces contaminants in the air.

Blocks Noise

They also reduce the flow of noise and pollutants.

Easy To Clean

They are easy to maintain and it doesn’t take much time and effort to clean. A bucket of soap water and a sponge is all they need to remove bacteria & dirt.

Scratch Resistant

They are scratch and tear-resistant. This makes them durable and keeps them in hygienic condition for a long time.

Apart from keeping your workplace hygienic, PVC strip curtains can help save energy as they are effective in controlling temperature and humidity. Installing these flexible plastic curtains in your workplace comes with great benefits. It also reduces the hassle of opening and drawing these curtains as they act as efficient doors and closes on their own.

Cosyst Devices is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of PVC Strip Curtains across India. Being a leader in this area for 30 years, we have helped many clients in providing the best solutions to help maintain cleaner and hygienic workplaces.

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