Use of Automatic Door Systems to control the traffic flow

  • 24 February , 2020
  • By: Madhu

Cosyst Devices with GEZE are the leading experts and providers of excellent Automatic Door System. Ideally, they are used in residential raises, medical centres, offices, providers, providers, stations, airports, shops, dining places and homes because it helps in easy activity of older people. It is mainly produced to provide additional availability at the doorway of the building. Not only do these automatic gates ease the visitors flow, but also contributes to the appearance of the building by creating a good first impression.

The Advantages of setting up Automatic Door System at the doorway of the buildings:

  • Smooth performing and zero noise production
  • Reliable, long lasting and backup battery
  • Push & go facility
  • Support access control system, burglar/fire security techniques, developing intercom system
  • Can be specialised to for any place.

We offer the a complete set up service, including technical sales advice and design assistance. We survey the whole site before set up to confirm for dimensions and to ensure uncomplicated is done efficiently and no further problems occur. The most important feature is they are created at the finest top quality and their activity is quiet when closed and started out. Automatic gates are created paying attention to the high-traffic both in large and smaller structures, so it can stay put for a long period.

Types of Automatic door System :

  • Sliding door system
  • Swing door system
  • Revolving door system

& many more sub groups are available at our website. Try them out or contact us now!

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