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  • 29 November , 2021
  • By: Parthiban

Are you looking for high performance PVC Strip Curtains? Buy it from the best PVC Strip Curtain manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore.

Cosyst Devices manufactures and supplies a wide range of high performance PVC Strip Curtains suitable for all types of industries and work spaces. We are one of the oldest PVC stripcurtain manufacturers and suppliers in India. Over the last three decades, we have worked on small and big projects and served many warehouses, factories, hotels, cold storage units, food processing units, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, malls, restaurants & shops.

Cosyst device

Our FlexiClear industrial curtains are manufactured in an ISO-certified factory in India with extra quality assurance measures to ensure our clients get the best. We have a dedicated Research & Development Team that is continuously working towards enhancing our products' quality and performance, which enables us to stay a step ahead of key players in the industry.

Flexiclear PVC strip curtains are recyclable and of high quality. They are eco-friendly and last longer than the standard curtains available in the market. Our plastic curtains are cold resistant, filters UV & IR, anti-static, freeze resistant, fire retardant, UV resistant, saves energy and effectively blocks dust & fumes.

We offer a wide range of high quality PVC strip curtains such as:-

  • Clear- Transparency, self-life, Dust prevention, partition etc.
  • Amber- Transparency, Dust prevention, Anti insect, partition etc.
  • Welding green-Industrial Application.
  • Ribbed- To resist more wear and tear.
  • Polar- Positive & Negative grade, freezer, chiller.
  • Opaque- Toilets, bathrooms, electrical panels, partitions etc.

Cosyst device

These transparent curtains come in the form of rolls and they are suitable for covering single/small doorways, large doors/openings, creating partitions, walls and to divide big workspaces into sections or smaller rooms. Our energy efficient PVC strip curtains will help you keep your workspace clean, dust-free, and temperature controlled.

Cosyst has been a trusted name in the PVC Strip Curtain market since 1993 and has served big brands like Jaguar, Dell, HCL, etc., and also smaller businesses like café, restaurants & shops. We offer competitive pricing and serve multiple locations across India with express delivery options.

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