All you need to know about glass railings

  • 01 March , 2022
  • By: Madhu



Glass railing has been a breakthrough concept in interior design and has taken railing designs to another level. Installing glass railings in commercial & residential properties adds glamor & style. They look stunning on any staircase, whether it is wood, steel, aluminum, etc. Currently, they are the most popular choice for modern railing because of the visual impact they provide. Apart from stunning looks, they open up small spaces and facilitate light flow throughout the area.

Common glass railings

Tempered Glass - In contrast to ordinary glass, tempered glass is strengthened by controlled thermal or chemical treatments. It is a common misconception that glass railings are fragile, and contrary to what most people believe, these systems are much safer and sturdier than traditional railings. You will be surprised to know that tempered glass is eight times stronger than regular glass. In the event of a break, all that is needed is a simple sweep up of the debris rather than picking up sharp pieces.

Laminated Glass - Among the glass panel options for architectural railings, laminated glass is considered the strongest & safest option. Its crystal properties hold & maintain the layers together, preventing them from breaking into tiny fragments. The broken pieces of laminated glass railings are relatively larger than sharp-edged, so there’s less chance of being injured if they break. Laminated glass railings can withstand extreme temperature levels, and like tempered glass railings, they provide excellent wind protection without obstructing views.



Things to consider


1. Thickness

Glass railings in residential applications are typically thinner than those in commercial environments but should have a minimum thickness of six millimeters.

2. Rust-resistant materials

Stainless-steel glass railings last a long time and are corrosion-free, making them strong and durable.

3. Customizable

You can choose frosted, tinted, or coloured glass panels for privacy, but if you want more visibility, transparent glass is the ideal option.

4. Children-friendly

Glass railings do not have gaps between the railing panels, making them safe for children.

A glass railing system provides both safety and beauty to a building. Due to its versatility, it is the ideal choice for both traditional and modern settings and residential and commercial spaces. Using glass railings, you can make staircases, balconies, or interiors look even more stylish, no matter what size or style.

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