High Speed Door Curtains

What is High-Speed Door Curtains?

High-Speed Doors Curtains are high-performance doors made with PVC material. They are automatic doors used for fast access between internal and external areas of industry.

Cosyst high-speed doors are designed for safe, efficient and simple operation in industries, warehouses as a busy doorways solution that is highly efficient. Being a leading High-Speed Door Manufacturers in Bangalore, we aim to deliver premium high-speed doors that help you to execute your operations smoothly without any noise.

Materials used to make

Cosyst High-Speed Doors enhance the traffic flow, improve room conditions and conserve vitality. The range incorporates both vertically and horizontally opening transparent doors with a versatile curtain. They're available together with sectional doors and rolling shutters, along with service-friendly spiral doors with smooth aluminum profiles. These doors also include a strong Frequency Converter Control (FU) as standard, which considerably extends the duration of the door’s working parts.

Cosyst Devices high-speed doors are distinguished by their top-notch components and effectively well-coined design. These High-Speed Doors can be utilized both inside and outside in protected zones that have low wind loads and moderate temperatures. Our High-Speed Roll Up Doors curtains are made from high tear elasticity Imported PVC material which controls environment conditions inside the production line. These high-speed roll-up doors improve the traffic flow through engaged doorways.

Utility and applications

All our self-supporting high-speed roll-up doors structure provides you the speed adjustment to carry out simple and reliable operations. Due to their contemporary cutting edge and variable look, our high-speed doors perfectly rival the architecture of any building. These High-Speed Doors are designed as per the international standards without compromising on the quality, adaptability, durability, and overall look and feel of the door. Also, our Industrial door systems can be utilized for opening and shutting operations of the plant with a geared motor.


Out of the many uses that you will experience from this product, some of the major benefits of using PVC hight speed curtains include its cost-effectiveness, its flexibility and not to forget that it is energy efficient with its UV and IR filters and absolutely recyclable! Apart from that, it is easy to clean and use, as well as cold-resistant which also makes it perfect for use in cold storages and similar establishments. Also, they are capable of preserving temperature which makes them ideal for usage in most commercial organizations.

Who should buy it?

Any industry, factory, hotels or commercial businesses that are fed up with the time wastage that occurs due to noise distractions, opening/closing of doors, temperature imbalance, other pollutants will find PVC Hight speed curtains door to be the perfect solution to counter all these problems. Below are some commercial establishments that will definitely find great use:


Automobile Industry

Cold Storage


Factory Outlets/Stores

Food Processing Industry




Textile Industry

Welding Bays

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