Importance of Aisle Containment and PVC Strip Curtains

Aisle Containment Bangalore works as a physical obstacle for sorting out the cold air aisles from the hot aisles. Therefore, it supplies cool air where it required most. Mostly server equipments draw cold air and release it on to the top. The Aisle Containment Bangalore data centers arrange large amount of equipment from front to front or back to back, thus making cold and hot aisles. This containment include aisle end doors and roof system which add the supply of the airflow and intake of the equipment.

In addition to this, top quality fire retardant PVC Strip Door Curtains Supplier available through which containments get more effectiveness and provide ability to separate cold air aisle from the hot aisle. However, according to industrial point of view the fact is around 60% of the cool airflow to traditional data centers is wasted. It evades the projected equipment and proceeds directly to the hot air intake of the air conditioning system.

Now the question arises, how data center Aisle Containment Bangalore can be effective to meet the main objectives in efficient data center design? You can achieve your goals by improving uptime by reducing dependency on mechanical cooling; enhance efficiency and decreases PUE, reducing footprint and increasing cabinet density, lowing operational costs by saving energy.

PVC Strip Door Curtains Supplier is used in businesses for many reasons. Nowadays, they are multiple solution for areas where there is a need to control the temperature. They are an economical method of external and internal partitioning that cut the heat loss from external doorways but allowing unhindered access with good visibility. They can improve the working environment by maintaining differentials. PVC Strip Door Curtains Supplier is a leading air curtain India based manufacturer and installer provides flexible air curtains for various purposes.

Today, PVC Strip curtains used as an economical noise solution in industrial areas, warehoused and docks along with use of machine tools, departmental stores, several supermarkets and industrial plants. Who have used these curtains confirmed that these curtains have improved workplace safety, blocking traffic noise, noisy machineries and separating stockroom from the retail floor. Apart from this, they provide cleaner environments to factories, corporate, hotels, retail stores and restaurants etc.

Aisle Containment is very cost effective and its results are very impressive in terms of cooling, energy efficient and save power. It can be easily installed and maintained. These containments are self extinguishing and non flammable. They are best for any setup including call center to IT companies. Moreover, they are perfect for development of high load computer equipments or servers. On the other hand, PVC Strip Curtains act as a wall to protect your work area from the pollutants and noise. They can be customized and meet your objectives. They can be used as vehicle doors, windows and partition walls as well.

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