Why should you use an Air Curtain

  • 15 April , 2022
  • By: Rupa

Almost every business owner looks for ways to boost their bottom line, and installing an Air Curtain may have been on the list of considerations. In case you've never heard of air curtains, you might wonder what they are and why you would need one.

An air curtain is a device that helps to separate two spaces while still allowing people and objects to pass through. Air curtains are beneficial in both commercial and industrial settings.

Here are 5 benefits of air curtain installation to help you decide.

  • Air curtains can help regulate indoor temperature. It can help keep a space warm or cool, depending on the season, by preventing outside air from coming in
  • The installation of an air curtain can also help to reduce energy costs associated with heating or cooling a space. It can lead to lower energy bills for business owners.
  • They can also keep out dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants, reducing the need for cleaning and improving indoor air quality.
  • Air curtains can also act as a deterrent to pests attempting to enter a building.
  • Furthermore, air curtains can also help reduce noise levels coming from outside.

Air curtains create an invisible barrier making it particularly beneficial for locations where doors are frequently opened and closed, such as retail stores or restaurants. The installation process is straightforward and does not require significant changes to the building.

Aircon Air Curtains are perfect for your doorway! We have been manufacturing and supplying air curtains since 1993. With Aircon Air Doors, you'll enjoy high performance, excellent airflow rates, over 85% dust and insect rejection rates, and excellent dB levels. The advanced air curtain we provide has a built-in disinfection and purification system, which is extremely useful for keeping commercial and industrial spaces hygienic, comfortable, and free of viruses, making it the best air curtain on the market today.

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