Why should you choose Blinds over Curtains

  • 02 November , 2021
  • By: Usha

Curtains and Blinds are the most widely used forms of window treatments available in the market today. Earlier, Blinds were confined to offices and commercial spaces, but with time they have become popular in the home segment as well.

There are several reasons why many homeowners are choosing blinds over curtains.

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Blinds are visually more appealing and add a modern & versatile touch to your space. If you plan to give your room a modern look or redecorate your area, opting for blinds as your window treatment will do wonders.


Curtains take up more space as they extend beyond the window frame, while Blinds are fitted perfectly to the window and do not require extra space. It is an excellent option for tiny homes as it not only utilizes less space but can also make a room look bigger.


As blinds are fitted to the windows perfectly, it makes your space look more organized, while curtains with extra layers and pleats look untidy and add unnecessary clutter. Blinds are visually more appealing and give your home a more neat and clean look.

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Light Control

There are heavyweight and room darkening curtains that help control light, but with Blinds, you can easily tilt or adjust the slats and only let the right amount of light enter the room without compromising privacy.

Temperature Control

Some blinds are thermal backed and will keep the room warm during winters and cool during the hot summer season.


Curtains offer less variety as they are made up of fabric and come in similar patterns and designs. However, with Blinds, you can choose from a wide range of materials like fabric, wood, faux wood, vinyl, etc., and come in various styles.

Give your room a contemporary, versatile, and cleaner look by opting for Blinds as your window treatment.

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