Why Are Faux Wood Blinds So Popular

  • 22 October , 2021
  • By: Madhu

Faux wood blinds are one of the most sought-after window treatments available in the market today. They are made of highly durable PVC material and look very similar to Wooden Blinds. They look stunning and are suitable for all types of rooms, spaces, and seasons.

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What makes Faux Blinds so popular?


At first glance, Faux Wood Blinds can easily pass for Wooden Blinds as they have a natural wood appearance. They have the same look and feel as wooden blinds, and hence, they are a great alternative if you want natural-looking blinds but do not wish to spend too much or have a tight budget.


Faux wood blinds do not get damaged or scratched up quickly. They are made of highly durable polymer material and last longer.

Easy to Clean

Faux Wood Blinds do not need extra care in cleaning as they are resistant to liquids and cleaning solutions. You can easily wipe off dust, dirt, and other debris and the slats can also be deep cleaned using water.

Moisture Resistant

Faux Wood Blinds are resistant to moisture, making them suitable for all rooms, even rooms with high humidity and moisture levels. It makes them a better choice over wooden blinds, which are less moisture resistant. If you are looking for window blinds that look identical to wooden blinds but more moisture resistant and budget friendly then you should go for Faux Wood Blinds.

Less Expensive

Fauxwood Blinds are easy on the pocket with great looks and benefits. They are naturally stylish and come at very affordable prices.

Faux Wood Blinds can transform your room into something stylish & classy and they are user as well as pocket-friendly.

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