What is Aisle Containment and how does it help Datacentres

  • 18 June , 2022
  • By: Rupa

Aisle containment also known as air containment is a system used in data centres to improve efficiency and airflow. The basic concept of aisle containment is to create a "tunnel" of air that flows between the barriers. This air flow can be directed in a way that is most beneficial for the data centres.

When IT equipment draws cool air from the room and exhausts it, that air contains energy that needs to be replaced. When you consider the sheer number of servers, storage arrays and cooling units in a typical datacentre, it’s easy to see how this energy can add up quickly. Aisle containment addresses this issue by preventing excessive amounts of warm or cold air from escaping into the rest of your facility.

Installing aisle containment is a great way to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool a datacentre. It lowers cooling costs because it decreases the amount of air that needs to be cooled in each rack by reducing airflow leakage between racks. Aisle containment is one of the most important datacentre efficiency techniques and is key to saving energy at scale. We've seen companies cut their cooling costs by up to 30%. That's huge!

You can also boost your datacentre’s efficiency, reliability and security. An aisle containment system also provides for better efficiency and reliability because it prevents airflow from being blocked by various objects stored in the aisles (such as furniture or equipment). It also allows you to have greater control over who has access to the space; when you have an aisle containment system in place, only those who are authorized will be able to walk through these areas—which helps improve security!

Additionally, air containment helps reduce maintenance costs. You'll have fewer replacement parts on site because your hard drives will last longer due to better protection from heat and dust (which reduces failures).

Aisle containment is a simple, cost-effective way to keep your data center cooler. By preventing cool air from mixing with hot air, you can make sure that the temperature in each aisle stays consistent, and you can use less cooling power while still keeping your equipment safe. Since every datacentre faces challenges when it comes to cooling, aisle containment can be a smart step toward improving efficiency and reducing the costs of operating your business.

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