Things to consider before buying a Fly Catcher Machine

  • 14 July , 2022
  • By: Madhu

Flies are one of the most annoying pests. They're attracted to food and waste and can spread deadly diseases. There are many different types of flycatcher machines/bug zappers on the market. But before you go out and buy one, there are a few factors you should consider. In this blog post, we'll take a look at five of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a flycatcher machine for your home or office.

First, you need to decide where you will place the machine. If you plan to put it outside, it will be subject to the elements, and may need to look for machines that are weather-proof and suitable for the outdoors.

Second, a flycatcher machine is only effective when it covers the required area. Therefore, while looking for a flycatcher machine, consider the area coverage. A smaller machine simply won't perform well in a large area.

Next, it is also crucial that the fly catcher machine you buy is safe. It should have an outer shield to guard against accidental contact with the mesh. To ensure maximum safety, these machines should be able to be wall-mounted or ceiling-hung.

The next factor is energy efficiency. If a Bug Zapper is not energy-efficient, it will consume a lot more power than an energy-efficient device, so that's something you need to consider as well.

Additionally, you'll also want to consider the machine's aesthetic appeal as it will be a part of your home or office and should blend well with your existing interior design.

Now that you know a little bit more about fly catcher machines, you can make an informed decision and buy a machine that meets your needs and preferences.

Cosyst offers a wide range of Fly Catcher Machines that are made out of high tensile aluminum with an excellent finish. As opposed to other bug repellents, our Bug Zappers are non-toxic, odorless, do not emit fumes, make no sound when zapping, are safe for children and pets, and can be used in areas as large as 1 acre.

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