The Best Solution for traffic in Large Industries – PVC Strip Curtains

  • 06 February , 2020
  • By: Naveen

Industries contain large machinery that are used for various purposes and the movement of people within the building will always be high. In an effort to keep the traffic within the building moving, one has to find ways to replace the traditional doors to ones which will aid the free flow. Cosyst Devices is a company that manufactures curtains that not only keeps the 2 areas apart from one another but also aid in free traffic flow between them.

How is that possible?

PVC Strip Curtains is the solution to the problem. These are transparent strips installed at the door ways to aid fast flowing traffic within the industry. It not only keeps birds, insects and dust along with noise away from office space but also creates a vision for people on either side to know things ahead of it. PVC Strip curtains are flexible and therefore machines and vehicles can be taken through them and the added effort of opening and closing the door will not be necessary.

Transparent PVC Strip Curtain

Not only are these PVC Strip curtains transparent but they are also flexible and easy to maintain. A quick wet cloth rub from time to time is enough to keep them in tip-top shape. These curtains are also used in hospitals. Loading docks, restaurants and so on. Another added benefit is that these curtains help in maintaining the temperature on either sides and hence saves a lot of energy.

Advantages of using these PVC Strips which includes cost effectiveness, limitless application, energy efficient with appropriate filters for UV and IR. It is also perfectly recyclable. These PVC Strips are easy to clean and are temperature resistant.


  • Material – PVC
  • Style – Stripe
  • Reduce Warm or Cool Air Loss
  • Isolate Loud Machinery
  • Keep Warm range & Moisture Under Control
  • Require Least Maintenance

Places where PVC Strip curtains are used in plenty:

  • Airports
  • Automobile industry
  • Cold storage
  • Engineering
  • Factory outlets/stores
  • Food Processing industry
  • Hotels
  • Kitchens
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile industry
  • Welding bays.

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