PVC Strip Curtains, an effective noise control solution

  • 09 September , 2022
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Noise is a prime cause of hearing loss and can lead to stress, sleep disorders, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It also causes psychological problems such as depression and anxiety among people who work in factories or other noisy places where they must endure loud noises for long hours. Thus, controlling noise becomes imperative in work places where machinery generates a lot of noise.

PVC strip curtains are the most effective solution for shielding work areas from excessive sound. They have excellent soundproofing qualities making them suitable for use in places where noise should not cross certain limits like hospitals, laboratories, and other workplaces. By installing PVC Strip curtains in noisy areas or rooms with heavy equipment, you can easily separate or divide work areas. It is also possible to install them across entire walls to create a partition. It is ideal for places with high noise levels, such as welding and grinding facilities.


These clear curtains, also called Industrial curtains or Transparent curtains are easy to install and come with a host of benefits such as temperature control, better hygiene and also reduce dust, fumes, and other airborne particles which can cause health issues for workers.

Another great feature of these curtains is that they offer a clear viewing area. And this means that instead of cutting off access to light, they create a barrier between two areas without disturbing the flow of natural resources. It allows industries to operate smoothly without worrying about how their employees will be able to do their work well with no visibility. And since these are virtual partitions, they can be easily extended or removed whenever needed.

They allow people to work efficiently without bothering others or the surrounding environment. Hence, it's easy to see why PVC strip curtains are a great solution for noisy environments.

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