Plenty to know about PVC Strip Curtains and its uses

  • 21 February , 2020
  • By: Ramesh

PVC Strip Curtains are an excellent thermal barrier while keeping the exchange of air to the bare minimum. It is sometimes considered the best solution for easy access in the work area, the transparent strips allow workers and vehicle drivers a clear vision of the obstruction before even driving through the door. These strips are flexible through and through enabling it to flex while the workers/vehicles come in contact with them.

The main reason for installing PVC Strip curtains in the work area to cancel out dust, insects etc. and also keep the work flow on the high end. There will be no interruption and hence the movement is smooth and fast between the rooms. At Cosyst Devices we provide optimum quality range of pvc curtains and at reasonable prices.

At Cosyst Devices, the PVC Strip Curtains are available in various specifications to meet our client’s needs. The added benefits to using these curtains is that they require very little maintenance and are long lasting.

image of Pvc Strip Curtains


The PVC Strip Curtains are transparent enabling the use of natural light to a more advantageous point. It reduces the loss of heat or cold air. Large and noisy machines can be isolated from other areas of the building. Prevents dust, flies or birds from entering the premises.

Areas where PVC Strip Curtains are installed:

  • Airports
  • Automobile industry
  • Cold storage
  • Engineering
  • Factory outlets/stores
  • Food Processing industry
  • Hotels
  • Kitchens
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile industry
  • Welding baysFor more information on our products, visit or contact us now!

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