Mosquito Killers and Fly Catchers to make your home insect free

  • 27 September , 2021
  • By: Usha

Flies and mosquitoes are capable of ruining our peaceful sleep, family dinners, garden hangouts, outdoor parties, and more. In order to get rid of these tiny insects, we have had to resort to different techniques and methods and, most of the time, the results aren't satisfactory. There are several ways to eliminate these insects like liquid repellents, sprays, coils, bats, home remedies, etc. However, these tiny creatures are great survivors, and getting rid of them is not as easy a task as we tend to think. Only the best and effective methods work.

Here are some of the best tried and tested mosquito killers and flycatcher machines that will help you make your home insect-free.


Cosyst Mosclean-IG1 Violeds

This mosquito killer machine is tiny yet powerful and can cover a wide area of up to 1 acre. It is perfect for houses with big courtyards or gardens as a single machine is all you need to keep the bugs away. It is water-resistant and can be placed and used outdoors even when it rains. It traps and kills five times more mosquitoes than the standard machines available in the market today. This machine is also suitable for hotels and other commercial spaces. It is lightweight and weighs a little over 1 kg.

AIRCON Fly Catcher - FC415

This fly zapper machine covers an area of 2800 sq. ft and is suitable for spacious 4 BHK flats. It has a high UVa output level of 60w which efficiently attracts and eliminates more flies and insects. Because of their efficiency and wide coverage area, these machines have high demand in restaurants, shops, and other commercial spaces. It can be conveniently placed anywhere inside the house and comes with wall mounting and ceiling hanging options. It functions semi outdoors and will efficiently cover your balcony area as well.

AIRCON Fly Catcher - XL100

This UV Fly Catcher machine covers an area of 1800 sq. ft and is suitable for 3 BHK flats. It can be conveniently placed anywhere in the house and comes with wall mounting and ceiling hanging options. The machine has a 36w UVa output to increase attraction level. The machine is well designed to complement the best interiors and is easy maintenance. Functions semi outdoors and will cover balcony area as well.

AIRCON Fly Catcher - NFK122

Aircon Fly Catcher NFK122 can cover 1400 sq. ft area and is suitable for spacious 2 BHK flats. This machine comes with a 22w circular UVa lamp and consumes less power. To avoid risk and accidents, it comes with two placement options; wall mounting and hanging. A single machine is good enough to cover the entire house.

AIRCON Fly Catcher - NFT315

This Electric Fly Catcher machine can effectively cover a house with an area of 1200 sq. ft. It is a lightweight machine and weighs around 4.5 kgs. The unit comes along with one glue pad which can be replaced monthly or depending on the intensity of dead flies and insects.

AIRCON Fly Catcher - NFT315

Fly Catcher NFT315 is suitable for smaller flats with an area of 900 sq. ft or less. It has a 36w UVa output and is highly efficient in attracting and eliminating flies and insects. This machine is safe and can be either mounted on the wall or hung onto the ceiling. It functions semi-outdoors.

Cosyst Fly Catcher and Mosquito killer machines are stylish and safe around children and pets.

Get a Bug Zapper machine that best suits your needs and keep your home and family members away from mosquitoes and flies.

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