How PVC Strip Curtains can be used to create virtual partitions

  • 30 April , 2021
  • By: Naveen

A key feature of PVC Strip curtain is its ability to create virtual partitions. By using these strip curtains, you can introduce a flexible barrier, allowing easy access, seamless flow of traffic and at the same time reduce energy cost. These curtains are extremely easy to install and maintain.

Whether it is to partition parts of the space or to create a wall to block noise or isolate a small part of the area or to create a partial barrier between cool and warm areas, there is nothing better than doing it with the help of PVC Strip curtains. PVC Strip Curtain walls are the most effective solution to separate sections of your space. Since these are virtual partition walls, they can be easily extended or removed whenever needed, as per business requirements.


Building a permanent interior is expensive and once built, moving it or making changes is impossible. However, with PVC Strip curtains, you can make changes to suit your business requirement and they are highly cost-effective!

PVC Strip Curtains are made using strips of flexible PVC. They are extremely robust & durable, making them ideal for high traffic & heavy duty applications. These curtains are very effective in controlling temperature & humidity, shielding the work area from insects and also help in keeping your workspace clean & hygienic. Because of their flexibility, they have multi-functional applications and will make your space more efficient and productive.

These flexible industrial curtains are extremely safe and the World Health Organization has recommended the use of PVC Strip Curtains to help prevent mosquito-borne diseases like dengue & malaria making it an ideal solution for Warehouses, Industries, Hospitals, Schools, Health Centres, Factories & other Commercial spaces.

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