GEZE Automatic Sliding Door Systems

  • 28 May , 2021
  • By: Rupa

Automatic Sliding Doors exhibit a new generation of closures. GEZE is a global market leader in Automatic Sliding Door solutions and offers a high degree of automation and technical intelligence like no other. With Cosyst GEZE Automatic sliding door systems, you get the perfect door solution that allows you to conveniently implement the widest range of application requirements within a building.

Imagine, you are in a hurry but the automatic sliding door right in front of you is interrupted and you get stuck! This happens when the automatic door drives are poorly integrated. Door drives play a key role in the functioning of automatic sliding doors and therefore, it is important to integrate high-quality door drives for high functionality and durability. The door drives from GEZE that are built into the door frame come with high intelligence and they ensure smooth functioning without the slightest interruption for years. These door systems are visually very attractive and blend well with diverse styles of architecture & design.

State-of-art Automatic Sliding Door Drives offered by GEZE:


  • Slim Drive: The automatic sliding door Slim Drive comes in various models with clear design lines for use in narrow glass facades, narrow spaces, realization of semi-curved and 360 degree door solutions, and for conducting all-glass door solutions.







  • EC Drive: The ECdrive is economical and extremely reliable in its functionality for doors up to 140 kg leaf weight.



  • Power Drive: The Powerdrive is used for large and heavy doors up to 200 kg leaf weight.



Automatic sliding doors are multifunctional and have many roles to play: provide escape routes in the event of panic or fire, permit controlled access, ensure smoke & heat removal, and at the same time allow easy access. It also provides safe access as there is no touch involved and also saves space.

GEZE automatic sliding doors are unique as they have an advanced design, low maintenance, high flexibility, and long operative life.

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