Fly & Insect Killer Machines For Small Shops, Restaurants and Spaces

  • 20 May , 2021
  • By: Madhu

Flies & Insects though they are tiny creatures, finding them close to your proximity would be the last thing you want. Especially, when you are eating at a restaurant or shopping for groceries at a shop. It also leaves a very poor impression of the shop, restaurant, or any other commercial spaces where you find them. You may not want to re-visit those places even if they serve the best food or offer great discounts. That is the kind of impact a place with flies and insects can have on customers. It is best to get rid of them sooner before you lose your customers. Getting an efficient Insect Killer Machine for your Shop, Restaurant and other spaces is the best way to get rid of these tiny harmful creatures.

Cosyst Electric Fly Killer Machine is one of the most efficient insect killer machines available in the market today. These machines can be either mounted on the wall or hung to the ceiling for high safety to avoid haphazard while customers are moving around in the shop or restaurant. You can place them anywhere you want, be it inside the shop, restaurant, banquet hall, or anywhere outside such as rooftop, entrance, etc. The UVa light or the insect mosquito killer light used in these machines trap and kill more flies and insects. They are effective in getting rid of all types of flies, house flies, insects & mosquitoes.


Cosyst Fly Trap Machines are non-toxic, odourless, no fumes, no zap sound, no side effects, and safe for humans & pets. These machines are made of high tensile aluminum with an excellent finish to suit both commercial and home use. Another key feature of our bug zapper machine is that the fragmented body parts of the insects are not let out into the atmosphere surrounding the environment.

We offer a wide range of fly catcher machines, covering a smaller area of 750 sq. ft. to bigger spaces of 2800 sq. ft. If you are looking for a user-friendly, safe, and efficient fly killer machine for your shop, restaurants and other spaces then contact us today and make your place a happy place to visit by keeping it insect-free! 

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