Five benefits of GEZE Revolving Sliding Doors

  • 08 June , 2021
  • By: Rupa

A revolving door usually consists of three or four doors that hang onto a central pole and rotate around a vertical axis within a circular ring. It was invented in 1988 by Van Kennel and in the following year, he was awarded for the benefits given by his invention to society. The first revolving door was installed in Philadelphia and since then, the revolving door has been one of the most popular door choices for businesses and high-rise buildings because of its multiple benefits. GEZE is a global market leader in Revolving Sliding Door solutions and offers a high degree of automation and technical intelligence like no other. 

Benefits of GEZE Revolving Sliding Doors

1. Saves Energy: Revolving doors are eight times more energy-efficient than normal door systems. A study conducted by MIT students showed that having everyone use revolving doors on a campus building could save up to 1.5 % of the total energy needed to cool and heat the building annually. Hence, the investment made in installing a revolving door is most likely to be absorbed in its first two to five years of operation, due to its consistent savings on energy. 


2. Controls Traffic: GEZE Revolving doors help in improving the flow of traffic. They easily allow a large number of people to pass through the building and at the same time, they can also slow down the flow of foot traffic. This benefit is extremely useful for retail outlets and big offices where there is high traffic. 

3. Increases Comfort: Revolving Doors keep hot air out of the buildings in summer and in the winter season, keep cold air out. This gives employees, guests, visitors, and anyone inside the building a pleasant experience and comfortable stay. 

4. Improves Aesthetics: GEZE offers a wide range of revolving sliding door solutions. These door systems look very attractive and mix well with various designs & architecture. Having a revolving door at the entrance of a commercial building enhances the look and feel of the building. They also help create a superior entry experience for visitors like no other door system. 

5.Reduces Cleaning Cost: Revolving sliding doors block dirt, dust, fumes, and debris from entering the building and this can substantially reduce the cleaning expenditure month on month. This will also eventually help in maintaining and keeping the building in good condition for a longer period. 

GEZE revolving sliding doors are eccentric as they have advanced designs, low maintenance, high flexibility, and long operative life.

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