Exterior Wall Cladding Trends

  • 10 June , 2022
  • By: Usha

The exterior wall cladding market is growing rapidly as more and more construction projects call for an increase in energy efficiency. The rising demand for green construction and the increasing popularity of smart buildings are also contributing to the growth of the exterior wall cladding market.

With new materials and technologies becoming available every day, architects and designers are always looking for the latest trends in exterior cladding. Here are some of the most popular exterior wall cladding trends.

Use of more than one material

One of the biggest trends in building exterior wall cladding is using combinations of different cladding materials. Combining cladding materials like natural stone, wood, steel, etc can add texture and dimension to exterior walls and create eye-catching features. Using at least two or more materials also helps break up larger areas and identify the different areas of a building.

Use of Texture

A popular trend is use of texture, either through the material itself or through the application of a pattern. It can add visual interest and depth to a flat surface. Exterior walls not only play a critical role in protecting our homes and businesses from the weather, but they also contribute to our overall sense of aesthetics and can enhance the curb appeal of a property.

Use of different colors

Another trend gaining traction is using two or more different colors. Studies have shown that using different colors has the potential of drawing more attention. The trend to utilize a variety of colors works well with most cladding materials. Vinyl, Fiber cement, and Aluminum cladding are some of the best options as they come in various colors and designs.

Use of Dark colors

There are many reasons why dark exterior walls are becoming more popular. For one, they add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a building. They can also make a small space more dramatic. Dark exterior walls can be highly energy efficient because they absorb heat during the day. With dark exterior walls, dirt won't accumulate, and the wall's freshness can last for an extended period without maintenance or cleaning.

Use of metals

There are a few reasons for this shift. First, aluminum and stainless steel offer a more modern look than traditional materials like brick and wood. Metal siding is also fire resistant and termite-proof, which are both big selling points. Metal siding can also be made to look like almost any other type of siding, so you can still have the look without compromising durability. Finally, aluminum and stainless steel can be recycled and is a great hit with many consumers looking for sustainable building materials.

The trend is slowly moving away from traditional materials to high-tech alternatives like metal and composites. This shift is being driven by a desire for buildings that are not only environmentally sustainable but also stylish and modern. Some of the most popular types of cladding include natural stone, vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, fiber cement, brick, and weatherboard.

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