Aircon Air Curtains with Disinfection & Purification System

  • 09 April , 2021
  • By: Naveen

An Air Curtain or Air Door is used to prevent air & contaminants from moving from one space to another. However, with change in time and environment, is it enough for an effective air curtain to have only these features?

To combat the covid-19 pandemic, it’s not just any Air Curtain that we need today. We need an air curtain which comes with an effective disinfection & purification system.

As air curtains are used in facilities with high numbers of visitors, safety measures become pivotal. With a large number of people passing through the entrance door, we need an air curtain which not only helps in controlling temperature and blocks insects & dirt but also disinfects and purifies the system.

Aircon Air Curtains does all that! It has all the features making it the best air curtain available in the market today.

These air curtains are designed to keep you healthy, comfortable & safe.

Aircon Air curtains come with Disinfection & Purification System and it helps in:-

  • Deactivating viruses & killing bacteria
  • Neutralize space’s air-borne Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Neutralize allergens & other contaminants such as mould, etc.

Having these important features in an Air Curtain enables the machine to work in two ways - air curtain and air purifier thereby helping our customers to safely disinfect the space and at the same purify air.

Comparison of an Aircon Air Curtain with a Normal Air Curtain


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