Air Curtains are a necessity in high volume public areas

  • 15 September , 2022
  • By: Madhu

Public areas with high foot traffic require air curtains to keep them comfortable. They provide an ideal level of comfort that is not available through doors, such as:

● Air curtains prevent a significant amount of cold/warm air from escaping into the environment when the door is open.

● It keeps the temperature consistent throughout the day, which helps reduce stress levels among employees who may feel uncomfortable or sick due to their work environment.

Air doors are very effective in reducing noise and also provide privacy.

Air Curtains are a necessity in high volume public areas

● In addition to noise reduction, air curtains can also help keep out dust and debris, which can cause allergies among people with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

● Installing an air curtain makes your workplace safer as it helps keep the atmosphere clean from pests and insects.

● Air curtains also conserve energy and save time by not having to turn off or adjust AC during busy hours.

Having an air curtain installed in high-volume public areas like airports, hospitals and shopping malls can provide many advantages. However, they must be installed correctly to function efficiently. Installation is one area where quality matters: if your air curtain doesn't function as it should, you may end up with unwanted noise levels or poor lighting conditions that don't meet your needs.

The effectiveness of air curtains also depends on several factors: how big your building is (and its layout), how much ventilation you have available for your operation and how effective those systems are at venting hot/cold air into outside conditions.

Installing an air curtain in a high-traffic area can solve several problems, so why wait? Consider it today and reap its benefits!

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