Tip N Tell

What Is Tip N Tell ?

Tip N Tell is a completely reliable and affordable warning system that is the perfect solution to monitor as well as control the shipping pattern of heavy machinery, large computers, electronic panels, batteries, chemical paints, pharmaceutical goods, glassware, bulbs and many more.

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Materials Used To Make

The Tip N Tell indicator pack includes the Tip N Tell indicator and an “AlertSticker” to be affixed to the bill of lading to alert the carrier and consignee that your shipment is being monitored.

Utility and Applications

Tip N Tell is a “state-of-the-art” device that will turn from white to red if your container has been tilted on its side or completely un-ended. It is an amazing device that finds many applications in many industries that require some sort of monitoring. Normal movement or road shocks will have no effect on the Tip N Tell. However, the indicator will not activate during acute take-off due to the angle in aircrafts.

Advantages Of Using

A key element that is vital to the success of the Tip N Tell indicator is its simplicity. To activate the device, you just need to pull out the pin! Moreover, it makes monitoring and controlling a much simpler process.

Who Should Buy?

Shipping and Logistic companies with a need to scrutinize their shipping patterns of heavy machinery, large computers, fragile goods, electronic panels etc. will find this to be the perfect device to keep as a warning system. This will foresee any danger coming and prevent any unwanted damage.