PVC Strip Curtain for Food Processing Industry

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Food processing is essential to make most food items edible. In the Food Processing Industry, hygiene plays an important role which is why there are various rules & regulations that are to be followed by businesses that manufacture & supply food items. Food processing units must ensure that the food items in supply are safe for consumption. PVC Strip curtains can help Food Processing Units achieve this essential prerequisite and much more!

Food items must be kept and prepared in an environment that maintains high hygiene levels and must be free from contaminants. Food items indeed attract contaminants & if the facility is in an unsafe state, it could become easy targets for bacteria and insects. Nobody would want to consume food items produced or prepared in unclean and unhygienic facilities. PVC strips can help businesses create a clean environment as they block insects & pollutants from entering the facility. Installing these plastic curtains will ensure that the food items processed in the unit are not only safe but made in the cleanest environment.

Works within a food processing unit are interconnected. All departments within the facility rely on each other for the successful completion of tasks. The task of each department may vary, making it necessary for these departments to have a separate workspace but at the same time provide easy accessibility to members of other departments. Installing PVC Curtains will allow food processing units to easily divide work areas by creating a clear and transparent barrier. Using alternative methods such as concrete or wood will not only be a burden on the pocket but also restrict easy access which, in turn, can hamper the workflow as all departments are interconnected. So, for the food processing industry PVC Strip Curtain is the best solution to separate work areas.

A food processing unit is like a world in itself. Temperature requirements within the facility could vary drastically where most areas are either too cold or too hot. It calls for a barrier that can survive extreme temperature levels; these plastic curtains are the perfect solution as they act as insulators.

Cosyst has been manufacturing and supplying durable, high-quality, and cost-effective PVC Strip curtains to Food Processing Units in India since 1993. We take pride in being a partner in delivering safe and hygienic food across the country by helping industries through our wide range of hygiene products.

Types of PVC Strip Curtain:

  • Standard Blue PVC Strip Curtain
  • Polar Grade PVC Strip Curtain
  • Strip Curtain – Double Ribbed
  • Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtain
  • Freezer Cold PVC Strip Curtain

Why choose us?

  • Tailor-made PVC strip curtains for all types of need. 
  • Suitable for pedestrian and motorized traffic
  • Energy saving 
  • Safe, Effective and versatile
  • Improve looks 
  • Customized PVC sliding fixtures for less space 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Free 1 year of maintenance & support 
  • 5 Year Product Life
  • AMC Available on demand 
  • 1 Year of product warranty 
  • Expert Project manager for end to end process handling 
  • Multi-color options
  • Washable
  • Not toxic (Human & Environment)
  • UV Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Quick & Easy to replace 
  • Best Price 
  • Recyclable

Technical Specification:

  • Food Grade
  • Anti – Static
  • Fire Retardant, M4
  • UV Stabilizers (from sun & Welding Arc)
  • Reduce Noise, >35 DB
  • Lifespan 5+ years
  • Light Transmittance various options
  • Operation Temperature ( -15°C to +50°C )

Other Industries where PVC Strip Curtain can be used 

  • Laboratories
  • Catering units
  • Cold Storage
  • Manufacturing area
  • Warehouses
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Kitchen
  • Automobile Industry
  • Industrial cooling
  • Food Retail
  • Malls
  • Dairy
  • Banana Ripening
  • Freezer room
  • Welding Room
  • Hospitals
  • Potato Storage
  • Meat Blast Freezers
  • Sea Food Freezers
  • Curd Cold Room
  • Fruits & Vegetables storage
  • Egg Cold Room
  • Flower Cold Room
  • Shipping plants
  • Factories
  • Grocery storage
  • Shipping plants
  • Airports
  • Engineering Company
  • Textile Industry
  • Stores
  • SuperMarket

Technical Name: 

Polyvinyl chloride strip curtain

We also manufacture, supply & install a huge range of ready-to-fit PVC Strip Curtains all over India.

Doorstep product delivery is available.

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