Fly/Insect Catcher

Fly Catcher Machines

What is it?

Fly catcher is an essential device to lure insects. It efficiently traps flying insects by attracting them to the light and they get stuck to these glue boards or the electric grids. These are much more useful than the traditional insect catchers as they do not have the “zap” sound or the fume smell from that signifies that the insect is dead.



Materials used to make

While the outside of the product is mostly stainless steel and powder coated, the inside has either an electric grid or a glue pad, to which the insects stick.

Utility and applications

These insect catchers are utilized in a lot of establishments because the probability of insects being anywhere is high. The fly glue traps are perfect for restaurants and cafes. In general, these fly catchers as well as glue traps are extremely easy to install and can find use in retail outlets or even your workplaces.

Advantages of using fly cathers

The most important benefit of the fly catchers is that the fragmented body parts of the insects are not let out in to the atmosphere surrounding the environment. So what you get when you buy fly/insect catchers are a silent as well as an efficient and convenient device that is good for use in retail areas as well as commercial food and processing areas.

Who should buy?

Fly Catcher devices are perfect for use if your workplace/establishment is infested by insects and flies. Additionally, anyone facing the problem of flies and insects can use this device.

Fly Glue Traps